Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Recommendations and Reviews of Italian director, Stefano Sollima, Suburra and Gomorrah, Soldado

Recently I discovered the cinematic art of Stefano Sollima, an Italian movie and television director. His work will add depth to any fan's knowledge of foreign films.

His works include Suburra and the series Gomorrah, both of which focus on organized crime in Italy. Currently both are available on Netflix. He is prolific and his work will continue with the American film, Soldado, the sequel to the highly controversial film, Sicario with Josh Brolin, Catherine Keener and Benicio del Toro.

Suburra is dark, gritty, political, graphically violent and sexual as well as thought provoking. It showcases an ongoing confrontation between the older, organized gangs vs. the younger, up and coming gangs that are fighting for respect and a place in a town called Ostia. The interactions between the two emphasize street knowledge, economics, political and religious corruption, violence and loyalty.

The film centers on a real estate endeavor in Ostia,  the objective being to turn it into a Las Vegas type attraction. Rival family gangs all want a piece of the action and Sallima's film displays the violent and corrupt path toward achieving it.

In addition, the addition of the corruption in both the Church and the Italian Parliament evoke a nexus of competing themes that Sallima brings to a seamless conclusion.

Sollima is innovative in his directing.  There is one timely and dramatic scene in a grocery store that any crime or action movie fan should see.

Complex character development of figures such as Number 8, a young ambitious turf boss, the Samurai, an old school criminal and Fillipo Falgradi, a member of the Italian Parliament, round out Sollima's success with this film.

Stay tuned as I will write more on Stefano Sollima and his work, including the great Italian television series Gomorrah.

Pierfrancesco Favino as Filippo Malgradi, a corrupt member of the Italian Parliament i

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